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Catastrophic Injuries

As the name implies, catastrophic injury cases are those cases in which there is an extremely serious and disabling injury, with life-long effects. The damages are physical, emotional, and financial. The medical and hospital bills are usually extremely high, and life has changed in the blink of an eye.

Examples are those who have suffered some form of:

    • Paralysis-paraplegia
    • Quadriplegia
    • Hemiplegia
    • Facial paralysis
    • Severe burns
    • Amputations

The client’s personal glimpse into Hell is realized. There will be long periods of loss and grief, while having serious and pressing matters to contend with, and it is important to engage the right professionals to assist you as soon as possible. It is extremely important that you select qualified attorneys and enable them to investigate all possible aspects and circumstances of your case immediately. A simple call to Heiting & Irwin will get that started. It is always best to have experienced and successful attorneys on your side who have handled many claims on behalf of those who have suffered catastrophic injuries.

Medical, hospital, and other expenses, loss of earnings and earning capacity, emotional damages, and loss of support and comfort are just some of the issues that we address for our clients. It is best that you contact Heiting & Irwin immediately, to allow us to obtain facts, information, materials and witnesses while the information is still fresh. Photographs and gathering of evidence may be extremely important. Delay can mean lost evidence and lost opportunity. In order to obtain fair and just compensation for your loss, you should contact attorneys very experienced in these types of cases, attorneys such as those at Heiting & Irwin.

Heiting & Irwin has handled these cases since 1976, with our own investigator and many experts available to make sure all important facts and information are documented and preserved. We have the resources to investigate your claim properly and to preserve the evidence so that your rights will be protected. In addition, Heiting & Irwin may assist you with insurance issues, medical expense issues, sources of income, and other things. Strict time limits apply in these cases and can act to bar a claim completely. It is extremely important that we are engaged as soon as possible to enable us to have the opportunity to investigate promptly and thoroughly. Prompt access and investigation is a must.