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In order to receive compensation for malpractice, or professional negligence, we must first prove that the professional’s conduct (usually doctor, hospital or lawyer) fell below the standard of care in the profession, and caused resulting harm.  Some instances of malpractice are easy to recognize where others may be complex or subtle.  For example, surgery on the wrong body part is easy to see malpractice. Where as an attorney did not file the appropriate paperwork on time costing you tens of thousands of dollars and does not inform you of this is a form of malpractice that you may not have noticed. This requires evaluation and expertise not held by most plaintiff’s attorneys. This evaluation must be done through the cooperation of skilled trial attorneys such as those at Heiting & Irwin, and highly respected experts.

We, at Heiting & Irwin, have developed expert resources that assist us in the evaluation and prosecution of cases of professional malpractice or negligence. Our resources include preeminent practitioners, surgeons, hospital administrators, lawyers and judges and others that are the most respected of their fields. Heiting & Irwin has handled these cases since 1976, with our own investigator and a group of attorneys and experts available to make sure all important facts and information are documented and preserved. Strict time limits apply in these cases and can act to bar a claim completely. It is extremely important that we are engaged as soon as possible to enable us to have the opportunity to investigate your case promptly and thoroughly.

If you are a victim of malpractice in Riverside, Norco, Corona, or anywhere in the Inland Empire don’t hesitate to reach out to Heiting & Irwin.